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Time to Clone Yourself?

The increasing number of Black Friday Sales starting before US Thanksgiving is a testament to the huge amount of money spent at this time of year.  According to the NRF: 30% of annual revenue, for retailers big and small, come from purchases in November and December!

Imagine over $105 Billion in just two months of ONLINE sales! If you are not actively pursuing these orders, then prepare to miss out on this opportunity to grow your business and increase your exposure to potential clients!  
But how do you increase your sales, service your customers AND have time for your family (not to mention yourself) at Thanksgiving and Christmas?
Isn't this the time of year you wish you could CLONE yourself?

We'd like to introduce you to your personal Virtual Business Assistant, welcome to Fiitfu!

Statistics will tell you the most effective time to send emails, or the best days to contact your clients, but what about all the orders you have to process, or the follow-up from your last customers, the new consultants you are training or the Cyber Monday template you were going to send out?!

Surveys show that the best time to send an email is between 2 - 5pm, but what about school pick-up and getting dinner started?  Well, with Fiitfu you can create the email, and schedule it to send out at the perfect time or create your follow-ups and let Fiitfu take care of keeping your business on track while you care for your family.

It is time to stop trying to do everything all at once, focus on the income producing activities, and your family.  Leave the rest to us. Fiitfu is the tool that is always at your fingertips. Follow-Up with clients on the Fiitfu smart phone app while waiting in lines or add clients that you run into at the local craft fair. Fiitfu fills in the cracks that your customers have been slipping through.

Fiitfu will be having a Black Friday Sale this weekend to help you get ready for all the new purchases and clients that will be coming your way this holiday season.  Now is the time to take advantage of this great deal AND the free gifts that come with it to take your business to the next level!

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday use the Promo Code BLACKFRIDAY2015 to take advantage our great promo. More details coming soon!


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