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This can be Your Best Month of the Year

If you are in Direct Sales, you must be feeling the buzz around you in regards to upcoming sales this month and leading into December.

Notoriously, the month of November, can be your biggest month in sales. Don't be afraid to book up your calendar this month. This is the time of year when many independent consultants strive to make it to the next level of management and pay scale!

So, how do you fill up your calendar? Well, there are some big holidays coming up that allow you the opportunity of reconnecting with your customers.

American Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are all happening soon. And guess what? You need to be in front of all your customers, prospects, and past customers now.

If you have let a few clients fall through the cracks, it is NOT to late to follow up with them.

We'll let you in on a bit of a secret—you have one grace period when it comes to letting your clients fall through the cracks. But you can't ask for forgiveness a second time, so make sure it is sincere, honest, and you stay on top of following up with them moving forward!

One way to reconnect with past customers is to send them a Gift Certificate to use during your Cyber Monday or Black Friday events. What a great opportunity to reconnect with them. And did you know you can create Gift Certificates on your Fiitfu account?

If you are pressed for time, you don't need to manually mail these Gift Certificates. Instead, let your customers know in the subject line of the email that you are gifting them whatever it is you choose to gift them. That way, they open up your emal.

So how can you make this month your best yet?

  • Reach out to past customer you have let fall through the cracks, with an incentive to have them want to deal with you again.
  • Reach out to your best customers with a "Thanks for being a great customer" incentive, and tell them to watch for your upcoming specials.
  • Create three email campaigns now that you send to all your clients. Have a different offer for each one, and have some sort of an incentive for them to open and read all your emails.

Another fun way to engage your customers is to have a clue in each email, and anyone that sends in all three clues after Cyber Monday will have their name entered in a draw to win a prize.

Being different is the key. Use your imagination and see what you can come up with.

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