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Balance is so important to your daily routine!

Balance around work, family or health.  It's all relative! 
Never underestimate the benefits of having more balance in your life.  It will give you more inspiration in your work.  

Think about the general guide when it comes to an excercise regime, you will always have "rest days" integrated into the mix. 
Rest days help your muscles to repair themselves, build and strenghten.


The same holds true for your brain.
This muscle is also stretched day in and out with challenges of your business, and it is so important to take some time off and give your brain some "Rest Days".

The funny thing is, when you do this you will start to look at things a bit different, get some fresh ideas, and come back even better than you were when you left for your break.

Start spending more time this week on things that YOU love to do.  Exercies, spend time with your family and friends, get back to your hobbies and passions to help you find balance and stress release.

Doing this will help you click the refresh button, and become even more prepared to accomplish difficult tasks.
No need to burn out, no one needs to work ALL the time.  Get out and enjoy.

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