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5 Tips to Make Your Business Stand Out

What is the key to standing out above your competitors? This is the question millions of business owners ask themselves when they start out, and when they re-evaluate their business.

Here are 5 key points to implement when you are running your own business to help you stand out above the rest.

  1. Determine what you are good at and why you want to start your business.
    There is a reason, often emotional or moral, that you want to start your own business. You recognize a need, or you are excellent at doing something and have thought "I could run my own business doing this!"
    Write your company Mission statement and Vision statement around these values and be sure to share them with your team members.
  2. Find your Niche Market.
    Who was it that you originally thought would love your product or service and WHY? Don't try to supply "something" to everyone. Focus on your niche market and once you do this your marketing will be so much easier, and your following will become much tighter.
    As Seth Goddin says "No niche is to small, if the people care enough." So find your niche and stay on course!
  3. Be Authentic.
    Being authentic in business is key to standing out from the rest of the crowd. Be yourself, be transparent, and create a following of clients that will be like minded and help to spread the word about you. In doing this, your clients will also know that you always have their best interests in mind.
  4. Hire your weaknesses.
    It costs you more time and money to learn a new skill than to pay someone who is already an expert in that skill. Accept that you can't do everything and stay efficient by hiring others to do the things that you can't so you can focus on the strengths that made you start your business in the first place. You will be helping out the economy by hiring others, AND it will allow you to spend more time getting in front of your clients where they want to see you!
  5. Be Creative!
    Market differently than your competitors, follow up with your clients differently, focus on being memorable in a positive way. What makes you different from your competitors and what is the best way to get that message across? Being creative and thinking outside the box is important to make you stand out from the rest.

All the best in your businesses,
Mary-Jane Mehlenbacher

Mary-Jane is the CEO of Fiitfu CRM Solutions. She has spent the last four years training thousands of women and men in network marketing ideas on Follow-up and the relationship between follow-up and success in your chosen field. Her corporate background in sales and marketing as well as her entrepreneurial ventures have given her over 25 years of experience in the business world. Find out more about Mary-Jane.

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