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Rejections are the Best Way to Monitor if You are Working Your Business

I am going to just say it straight: If you are NOT getting any rejections, then you are NOT working on income producing activities in your business.

Rejections are a key indicator that you are working your business right! They mean that you are:

  • Asking people for the sale
  • Asking them to join your team
  • Asking them to have a party for you
  • Asking them to give you a referral
  • Asking them if they would like a sample
  • Asking them to take a catalogue and sharing it with their friends at the office
  • Asking them SOMETHING
Asking is the income producing activity that will get you to your ultimate goal, whatever that may be. (I am sure it is not just to make your business a hobby. Hobbies cost money and you want to make money.)

So how do you deal with rejections? I know it is not always easy to hear a rejection, but the moment you realize that we get rejections all the time is the moment you can start to stop taking rejections personally.

When was the last time you declined a dessert that a friend offered you, or a night out, or something to eat that you just don't like. Rejections happen all the time, if you start to notice it today, I bet you will find you have rejected a few things already!

So take note today on how many times we actually reject—and get rejected. It is not a personal assault, it is just not the right place, right time, or right person.

Rejections are awesome—they mean you are doing your job. They mean that you are working on the income producing activities that you need to. And if you keep it up, you will have more and more people saying "YES!"—which, of course, will make your business grow.

Check out the website for Go For No and tap into their awesome ideas on conquering rejection.

Have a GREAT day, and remember, NO is a sign you are getting closer to a YES! :-)

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