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The Power of the Gift Certificate

Create a Gift Certificate and make your clients HAPPY to hear from you!

We often hear from our clients that they fear following up because they don't know what to say, or they don't want to "bother" their clients.

Well, time to get over THAT!

And we have the perfect way to do it. If you are one of those that feel like you are a nuisance if you call your customers, then get creative and make them happy to hear from you!

A great way to do this is to create Gift Certificates and hand them out. BUT you can't just hand them out to anyone—there is a process that you have to follow for this. Let me explain.


You need to understand that your gift certificate is just that, a GIFT. And don't you feel great when you give a gift to someone?

When you know you have something of value to give to your customer, your phone call is going to be so easy.


Determine "Who do I want to give this Gift Certificate to?" When you figure out who you want to give a gift to, then you can determine the value of the Gift Certificate

Here are some ideas on WHO to give a gift certificate to :

  • A VIP customer
  • Somoene that has sent you a referral
  • Somoene that has hosted an event for you 
  • Send a Gift Certificate for a Happy Birthday Note
  • Anniversary Gift Certificate
  • Someone who has just had a baby
  • Mothers Day!
  • If you mucked up on someone's order
  • If you haven't contacted someone in a long time (What a great way to reconnect!)


Now that you know WHO to send a Gift Certificate to, you need to figure out what the value of that gift certificate will be. Will it be a % off of a particular product, or free shipping or $ amount off of an order. I like to recommend a $ amount off an order, as it makes it sound so much better! $20.00 off an order of $100 is a GREAT deal—it's like giving a $20 bill to your customer.


Track who you gave Gift Certificates to and be sure to expense them when they have been redeemed. AND make sure to follow up with your customers that have not yet redeemed their Gift Certificate. (You can do this on Fiitfu!)


Follow-up when the Gift Certficate is going to expire. (Fiitfu creates these follow-ups for you automatically!)

Voila! You just made three amazing contacts with a customer when you...

  1. Called or emailed them to let them know about thier Gift Certificate
  2. Called them a week before the Gift Certificate is about to expire
  3. Called them the Day before it expires

THREE positive follow-ups with your clients that will help increase your relationships with them and increase your sales.

Did you know that you can create, track, and print gift certificates on Fiitfu? Give it a try under our Gifts tab.

If you haven't signed up with us at Fiitfu yet, then register today and get a 30 day free trial!

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