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Stop Procrastinating, Start Completing

This blog is timely, as we are working on a number of projects right now and it seems nothing gets done until you focus on the final details of ONE THING. And boy, does it feel fantastic when it is finally complete!

As an example of one of our projects, we are excited to be working with Ally Loprete - Radio Talk Show Host with  "This Little Parent Stayed Home".  
In preperation for our interview, and what we will be giving to her listeners as an extra bonus we had a number of fine details to work out BEFORE we could launch our landing page featuring the bonus. We had three weeks to put something together, and of course, I am working on it all on crunch time!

Now we have put our script together, chosen the graphics and wording for the landing page, figured out our special give away to her listeners, created a form, writen up the great give away book, attached that to our form, created a webinar for those that would like to learn more about Fiitfu, spell checked, linked it to Fiitfu—what else is there?

Here are 6 TIps on staying focussed on your project, to be sure you complete it today!

You see, there are so many details that go into a project, and the sooner you start a project, the better it will turn out. That way, you have more time to think about all the different aspects.

So how do you stay focussed to ensure that you get things done?

  • GIVE YOURSELF A DEADLINE! Just like goals, if you don't have a time frame assigned to your project, it will just keep getting pushed aside.  
  • Turn off the phone. Avoid text messages, calls, and email notification distractions to help you stay focussed
  • Keep only the windows you need open to work on your project. Close all other programs and distractions to allow you to focus better.
  • Once you think your project is complete, sit back and go over everything. Can you add something else to it to make it better?  
  • Share your ideas and the final outcome with a few eyes to get feedback.
  • Now that your project is complete, launch it, track it and repurpose it! You have put a large amount of work into this project, how can you use it down the road?

Good luck on completing your projects today! Remember to stay focussed.

Check out our finished project:

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