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Dig a little bit Deeper

Imagine the stress leading up to the infamous Tough Mudder. Watching videos of the crazy obstacles, and knowing that it is an 18 km run (well, a run/hike) with 20 obstacles makes you wonder just how you are going to get through it.

Then you hear the Tough Mudder MC Sean Corvelle inspire you and everyone around you with words like these:
"When you think you have dug as deep as you can go, then you have to dig a little deeper, because performing to your greatness, will bring out the greatness in others as well. And THIS is what will make this world a better place."

It definitely gets you fired up and ready to go!

Those words, and the remainder of his speech that morning, was a great inspiration—and reminder. Remember, you only bring out the greatness in others when you bring out the greatness in yourself. You never make another's light shine brighter by dimming your own and you never inspire others by quitting. Instead when you lift yourself, you lift others.

Sean Corvelle made the start of the race easier for us, but after 10km, 10 obstacles, and freezing rain, thoughts of skipping an obstacle, or perhaps quitting all together came to mind. Then we remembered his words and so we said to each other, "We will be so MAD at ourselves later if we quit now!"

What are you doing right now that you could dig a little deeper? Work a little harder? PUSH yourself to do a little more? Do something TODAY that you have never done before.

I know in business, as well as in sport, it is easy to quit. But down the road, you will be mad at yourself for quiting.

So, our advice today is to dig deeper, push harder, test your limits, and Never, Never, Never quit!

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