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Triple Your Sales with a New Referral Program

Want to double your business this quarter?

Then create a referral program and put it into play! Referrals are a powerful way of growing your business.

Referrals allow you to:

  • Stay connected with present clients.
  • Earn new WARM LEADS and use testimonials that will really resonate with the referral.
  • Create loyalty to your brand.

So lets get you started on your new referral program now!

At Fiitfu 95% of our clients come from referrals, and we highly advocate setting one up for your business (or perhaps revamping your present one) no matter how small or large your company is.

Here are 6 tips on getting started on your Referral Program.

  1. Make the referral program EASY.
    If it is to complicated, then people won't get the "quick picture". It should be easy enough to understand and say in a tag line. For example, "Refer three, get yours free" or "Share with a friend, and your next product is 50% off" or "Earn your product for free! Share how much you love your favorite product!"
  2. Give a Referral Card.
    A punch card—even if it's a fun "virtual card"—gives your customers a physical reminder and a way to "keep track" of how many referrals they have left before they get their reward. When you say refer 10 friends, get yours free, just like the roast chicken at Wholefoods, or the ice-cream cones at Rocky Mountain chocolate factory, this will help create loyalty in your brand.
  3. Decide what the free, or discounted item will be.
    What will MOTIVATE people to refer you? A 10% discount may not sound so great, BUT if you used one of your most popular products, or you customized the product to your customer, that can make all the difference. For instance, you could reach out to people that you know love your eye cream (as an example), and say, "Mary I know you love our eye cream, how would you like to receive yours for FREE? If you could refer me to 5 friends that would like to purchase this eye cream, I will give them 10% off to purchase theirs, and after 5 purchases, yours will be FREE!" When you are connecting with these 5 people, don't forget to use her testimonial, and her before and after images to really show the value in the product that Mary is recommending. (Check out our blog on TESTIMONIALS for more ideas)
  4. Be sure the revenue is in line with your goal.
    Don't give away all your profit. Be sure you do some calculations so that you can see your revenue, and whether you have a high retention rate of customers. (You need to take all this into account. For example, will the new referrals repurchase with you again, what is your average customer worth to you over the next year?)
    On your marketing, in your signature, in your blogs, etc. If you don't have a tag line, just say "check out our referral program" and have a link to your referral information. Did you know FIITFU has a referral program, Team Savings program, AND an affiliate program?
  6. Be sure you are worthy of being referred :)
    This one is a bit tougher to swallow, but if you can honestly say that you give great customer service, and that you follow-up with your clients and that you are worthy of a referral, then asking for referrals becomes so much easier.

Have fun with this! Remember, it is all about staying top of mind with your clients, so now that you have a new referral program, be sure to get out there and talk to your customers to tell them about it! Reconnect with them, ask them what their favorite product is that they have purchased from you in the past—and don't forget to record your meeting!

‚ÄčTracking your referrals on Fiitfu is easy!

  • At a quick glance, you can see who your clients are referred by.
  • The referrals tab of each client shows you who they have referred to you.
  • On the EVENTS tab, you can see what client was at different parties. A great spot to track referrals!
  • Each time you RECORD A MEETING, there is a section to remind you to ask for a referral.

Try us out today! There is a 30 day free trial if you haven't started with Fiitfu yet!

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