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5 Tips to Help Your Customers LOVE Your Business.

If your customers love your business, they come back. Return customers are the life pulse of what keeps your business strong.  

Here are 5 tips for making your customers LOVE your business!

  1. Love what you do. If you want your customers to love your business, you MUST love your business! When you meet with a client be excited about your business, about your products, and about your opportunity. Never talk negative about your business products, policies, or shipping fees. You want to be sure that you instill the confidence to your clients that the company you work for may not be perfect, but they are always striving towards it! Remember, your clients may one day turn into business partners.
  2. Make it fun! When having an event, be creative and do something fun at the event. A game, or a poem about the hostess—something to lighten the night and to make everyone feel that they are a part of the event. Also, be sure that not only is the event FUN but it is also easy to do, and never drags on. You want your customers to walk away thinking "Well, that was easy! If she can do that, then I can do that too!"
  3. Treat your customers right. Genuienly interact with them and offer up products or business ideas based on thier needs. Never look at a customer with dollar signs in your eyes. They can see them loud and clear!  
  4. Hold yourself accountable. If you make a mistake, or the compay makes a mistake, ALWAYS take accountability and always correct it. Be sure that your customer does not have to suffer for the mistake that may have been made! According to RightNow Customer Experience Impact Report, 89% of customers will STOP doing business when they experiece Bad Customer Service. Not taking accountability is Bad Customer Service!
  5. Be sure to FOLLOW-UP when you say you will. What will make your clients fall in love with your business? Friendly service, easy access to support (staying top of mind), and sending timely and useful updates. That is what follow-up will do for you and your business.  

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