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Record your testimonials, and did you know...

record a testimonial


I am sure you do as well, it is always a great idea to share the testimonials that you receive from your clients with new potential clients... (A great reason to follow up with a new client hint hint)

HOW CAN YOU TRACK YOUR TESTIMONIALS? -  One of the ideas that we are sharing with our Fiitfu customers is to create an interest that is "TESTIMONIALS" 

When you do this, you can track anyone that has ever sent you a testimonial, and record the date in which they sent you the email (or when you spoke with them).   You can then simply go back to your journal entries on that date to find the testimonial!  

A quick search under clients, with the selection of testimonials will pull up all past testimonials that you have received. 

Fiitfu is so powerful in so many ways!  We are here to be your partner in follow up, and giving you reasons to follow up with clients.  Use Fiitfu on a daily basis and see the true power if this tool.

By the way, did you notice that the COMMENT AREA in the photo is quite a bit larger than when you first click on record a meeting?  Well a little tip for you,  depending on your browser you can click on the bottom right of the comment box to enlarge the area. It works great on both Safari and Firefox.  Give it a try and let me know how it works out!

Be sure to share your favorite ideas and tips with us so we can share them with everyone else!

Have a great day!

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