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Make FIITFU your Home Page!

Make Fiitfu your home page to ensure you FOLLOW UP every day!  

It is easy, just follow these instructions:

How to Change Your Web Browser Home Page To

When you launch a Web browser, it automatically opens a new window with a default home page loaded and ready to go. However, you can set the home page to any website you prefer. 

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. Click on Tools -> Internet options. 

On Windows Vista/7, users may need to press the Alt key for the menu to appear.

  1. The Internet Options window will open. Click the General tab, and type in  under the 'Home page' heading.

  2. Click Apply, OK to close the window.

Google Chrome

  1. Click the Wrench icon in the top-right corner of the browser.

  2. Select Options.

  3. In the 'On startup' section, select Open the home page.

  4. In the 'Home page' section, choose Open this page and type in 

  5. The settings apply immediately. You may close the settings tab now.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click the Firefox menu at the top-left portion of the browser.

  2. Click the Options menu, and then Options.

  3. The Options window will open. Go to the Startup section and select When Firefox starts: Show my home page.

  4. In the Home Page field, type in Click OK.


That's it! Just make these changes in the browser of your choice, and enjoy your new Fiitfu home page.

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