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How to create your Inactive List

You may have a few past prospects or clients that you are no longer wanting to deal with, BUT you don't want to take them off your contact list as you want to keep your history with them.

inactive client

You can now create an INACTIVE list on Fiitfu so that we will not remind you to follow up with a client!


Follow these steps:

Find the client from your dashboard or client tab that you would like to make INACTIVE:

Click on their name

Click on the button that says Client Is Active

Confirm that you want to make client INACTIVE

The box will turn RED.

ALL overdue follow ups for this inactive client will now come off your "to do" list.  BUT you can still create future follow ups for this client (for instance if you want to contact them once a year).

You can also do a search for all inactive clients on your client dashboard.  Enjoy this new feature!

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