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Ken Kragen On Being Unique - Day 222

ken kragen

The eWomen Network in Dallas has strarted, and to kick it off for many of us Ken Kragen spoke for three hours on subjects revolving around your business, The Magic of Three's, Timing is everything, Creating a personal balance sheet, Backwards thinking for forward motion, and more!  Ken Kragen is a true icon in the entertainment world, and the more he spoke the more I realized this!  I could go on and on about what he has done and all his accomplishments, but I would prefer you read it directly from his personal website so you get it all!  

One of the other topics includes:  Getting Attention!  He explains how you can't sell anyone anything unless you get there attention.  

You must be:
  • Unique
  • It must be based on real substance
  • And it MUST be unexpected.  
At that point he grabs our attention by bringing out the Juan Seguin High School Marching Band.  Here is a short video clip to see them.

Ken Kragen, you got our attention, and it was an honour to see you speak!

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