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Ways to Engage your Client - Day 227

Today I had tea with Michelle Hamilton who is a Marketing Strategist that I met at an eWomen Marketing event.  Michelle and I were talking about client engagment in much of our converstation and I realized  how many different ways we need to engage our clients. 

Many of you send out your newsletters, write  blogs or try to engage your clients on Social Media.  You may event host events that your clients or potential clients can attend.  

So why are you trying to engage your clients?  Engaging clients is important for many reasons including:

  • Keeping top of mind
  • Increasing Sales
  • Improve referral status
  • Increased exposure (via social media)
  • Answers questions
  • Creates conversations with other users
  • Introduce new products and services

So what is the best method to keep your clients engaged?  This is where it gets a bit harder. 

Many people will read your blog, yet few will comment.  You send emails weekly or monthly but do people read them?  

What are some tricks to help ensure people become more engaged in your efforts to stay in touch with them.  Here are a couple of ideas for you, and I would love some of your ideas back!

  • Highlight your clients!  Birthdays, Business Success or other celebrations... It is always good to spread the good news around!
  • Highlight your clients!  Ask your clients to be a guest writer on your blog.  This will highlight their knowledge and help spread the word about their business to your client base.
  • Highlight your clients!  Show your clients on testimonials with their business information included.
  • Highlight your clients!  Be sure to visit your clients blogs/ social media pages and quote them.
  • Highlight your clients!  This two way street is the perfect way to develop great relations and engagement with your clients.

These are just a few ideas for you to make your clients the priority.  There are lots out there and it will be fun to get your feedback on how you engage your clients!   Lets see if this has engaged YOU enough to make a comment.

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