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Good Luck For Your Business - Day 229


This morning I had coffee with Michelle Gilmore, a great gal that I met through CYBF's mentorship program.  Michelle is in the middle of opening up a tattoo shop on Commercial Drive with her clientele aim at both professional business men and women.   

Today we were looking over her website along with other pieces of her business when I asked about this photo attached of an actual tattoo.

"That is a Ganesha" she says, "He is the destroyer of obstacles and brings good luck to business's."  

Wow, I had never heard of a Ganesha before, but I love the look of him (he reminds me of my trip to Thailand when I went on a 5 day elephant trekking adventure... now that is an entirely different story).  But after meeting with Michelle today, I know if I want to get a tattoo I just may think of getting a Ganesha...

I wanted to share this with you as being in small business, we all run across daily obstacles which can sometimes be hard to overcome.  Perhaps a simple figurine of a Ganesha is all we need to keep us strong and moving forward!  

You can find Michelles Tattoo studio named Adorned Precision Body Arts,  as of July 13th at 1111 Commercial Drive in Vancouver British Columbia.  Once her website is up I will also post it for you to see!  GOOD LUCK MICHELLE!  I know you will do an amazing job.


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