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Follow Up Plan - Day 223

follow up stats

Last week I was at a speaking engagement in Calgary and I went over some statistics on Follow up.  One of the attendees wanted to have these sent off to her, and I thought I would share them with you as well.  It is important to really think about these statistics, as well as the findings from Chilton Research highlighting the time frame of buying patterns.  Once the decision was made to purchase a product, consumers on average took this long to finally buy the product:

  • 15% - Bought within the first three months
  • 24% -  Bought within four to six months
  • 34% - Bought within seven to twelve months and
  • 27% - Bought after 12 months.  

It goes to show that when you are creating your follow up plan, you have to ensure that you have a plan in place with a MINIMUM of 12 follow ups, and over the course of 12 months.

Good luck on your follow up today!


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