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25 Follow Up Tips To Stay Top Of Mind - Day 226

mastering follow up

At Fiitfu we talk a lot about following up, doing things different, creating relationships and getting to know your clients.  We thought it would be nice if we took many of the tips that we have given you in the past and put many them on one quick and easy list for you to look at and refer back to. 

Feel free to add more and share with us your ideas!


  1. Know your clients birthdays - and on their birthday pick up the phone to say Happy Birthday.  Forget the emails on this one!
  2. Invite your clients to a charity event or volunteer for an event and involve your clients.  
  3. Drop off some home baked cookies to clients in your area
  4. Cut out an article, or if you see an article on line, send it to your clients with a personal note... wow, what a thoughtful thing to do.
  5. look up your clients website or blog and let them know what you appreciate about their business
  6. Send a client a referral!  This is a great way to keep in touch with your clients as well!
  7. Highlight your clients in your newsletters / social media and more
  8. run a workshop for your clients
  9. Advertise in your local community  - show your support for the community you live in
  10. Support a kids team in your community - they could have your logo’d activewear.
  11. Create a Tag Line that people / clients will remember
  12. Create a rewards program for your clients - 
  13. Create a referral system for your clients.
  14. Have a customer appreciation night.
  15. Respond Quickly and thoroughly to your clients
  16. Turn your customers into your best Advocates!  - One company has 100 people (customers) listed on their website that you can actually contact to see how they like the products
  17. Assign one person in your company to look after a clients needs.  Be sure that client is followed up with regularly to ensure they are are happy.
  18. Create a system to return emails and phone messages to clients with answers.  if you are a small business, figure out a way to ensure your clients are not left hanging!
  19. Instead of traditional gifts for a birthday or christmas, do something different, like donate to a charity on their behalf.
  20. Send a recipe to someone that loves to cook.
  21. Leave fun messages for your clients... being enthusiastic and having a smile in your voice can make a big difference
  22. Create a chat line on your website so that clients can be highlighted and can converse with one another.
  23. If your clients are having a company event, see how you can help them out.  Can you do a training, supply a door prize or help to promote the event?
  24. Send a hand written note... we don’t get many of these anymore... this is a great way to ensure that they open your mail.  
  25. What do your clients love?  Find out their passion and fuel the passion to fuel your relationship.  For instance, a client that is interested in gardening, you could send to her information on upcoming plant sales, articles on gardening, or even photo’s of your garden to ask for advice or show you share the same interest.  I had one person give me a plant before from her garden probably 15 years ago, it is still in my garden to this date, and every time is see it I think of Liz the lady that gave it to me.

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