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Create Attention with your Marketing - Day 243

There is a commercial for mountain dew that features a guy jumping on a bungy contraption and goes flying through the air and hits a giant Water Balloon but filled with Mountain Dew.  So wierd but FUN!

Imagine if you did some bizarre thing like that how much exposure you could get for you and your business?  I would suggest thinking of some fun thing that you could do each year that would draw the media, clients, and spectators to join in.  Here are a few things that companies in our communities have done in the past to draw the public and the press to check them out:


  1. Grape Stomp - Each year a local winery would have a grape stomp competition that would draw all kinds of teams to participate
  2. Feast of Fields - Local Artisan farm features a big BBQ out on their field with Food from local chefs, products from local farmers and clients come from all over to enjoy the day.
  3. Pumpkin Patch - Local real estate offices in our town host a Free Pumpkin Patch, and if you want to donate all the funds go to charity. 
  4. Red Bull holds the annual Flugtag flying competition where teams make homemade flying machines!  A friend of mine even participated in this a couple of years ago!
  5. Summer Series - Local business’s pool their resources to host musicians every Friday night in their shopping district to draw clients to their storefronts.

What could you do with your business on an annual basis perhaps alone, or team up with other business’s to make it a fun annual event.  Just another way to create some great exposure and to get some of your clients involved to enhance your community awareness and relationships.

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