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50 Shades of Grey for a Good Nights Rest - Day 232

Yesterday I had coffee with my good friend Doug Brockway (who is also a Certified Executive Coach, trainer and engagement specialist if you are in need of one and we talked of many things including Fiitfu. 

Doug has watched me grow the business, heard about the many ideas we have planned for the company, the ups and the downs, the worries and the victories.  Like him and his own business it is often impossible to turn it off... his main message to me yesterday was “you have to do more for yourself, clear your mind so that you can heal the overworked (mind) and open up the potential for even more greatness!” 

Doug is an advocate of meditation, success journalling (which you can now do on Fiitfu),  reading good material (yesterday he recommended Positivity by Barbara Fredrickson), and doing other things that may take your mind off all the things that a business owner has to do each day, and the things that I know I want to do the next day.

So... based on recommendation from Doug to do something for myself, and a number of my girlfriends talking about this novel they have been reading, I decided it was time to just read a good novel.  It seems each time I pick up a book it is either on self development, business or a documentary... yesterday I picked up the last copy at our local store of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Now usually my books are like sleeping pills for me, not even one chapter in and I am fast asleep.  So two hours later my husband is shocked to see that I am still awake in the middle of the night reading this romance!  EL James did such a good job of capturing your attention from the beginning, and not letting it go that it is impossible to put down.

When I finally put it down, I fell asleep and had a great nights sleep.  Instead of the usually waking in the middle of the night thinking of the things I had to get done, I slept the night through without stirring.  My husband even remarked that it must have been the book that took my mind off of work and helped me to sleep.

What are you doing tonight for a good nights sleep?  Need a good read?  Perhaps you should follow the other 10 Million readers that have bought this book and take some time for yourself to clear your mind.

I will also keep you up to date on the Meditation and the Positivity book as I go!  But for now I am going to enjoy this novel! 

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