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How to create lasting relationships with your downline, employees or clients Day 275


fireball girls

For years my husband and I have volunteered for different ski events which have created lasting friendships with the people that we see each year at these events.  For the last few years he has been involved with the Ronald McDonald Ski Challenge and it is such a great cause!  Companies come together for team spirit, to support a great cause and to make a difference in their communities.  The bonds that you see created from having a fun activity like this is so important, and a great idea to do for you and your business.  

This type of team building builds relationships, rapport, better working conditions with fun memories and it can even bring out leadership skills in people.

I recommend getting involved with at least one annual event with your team or clients, it will make for such a fun way to build great customer / team relations.

Pictured here are the “FIREBALL GIRLS” working on course in Whistler BC for the 22nd annual Ronald McDonald Ski Challenge!


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