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We always love to hear back from our users with ideas, suggestions and most of all testimonials.  This morning when I opened up my computer I was so blessed to see this testimonial from an amazing gal Michelle Panzlaff.  Michelle owns a company called Tidy Tiger Solutions and she is truly an expert in her field.  Not only will she come into your home or office and do a complete overhaul for you, but she also offers up ideas weekly on how to better organize your home/office with resources to help you get organized.  

Thanks Michelle for this following testimonial!

It is with pleasure that I write about Mary-Jane and her business, Fiitfu. I have met Mary-Jane several times networking and liked her instantly. Yet, it was not until I took a closer look at the product she offers that I truly appreciated her talent and vision.

I signed up for Fiitfu and gave it a test run to see how it operated. Come on, a free 30 day trial makes it easy!!

I found it very functional and beautifully simple at the same time. It can serve as a CRM for different types of businesses depending on which features you take advantage of, but I must say it is very well set up for business owners with a product offering.

The big ‘value added’ service for me was that Mary-Jane made time for me to explain how certain features worked, and she really came through on that call. Impressive! Mary-Jane, Thank you for creating this great tool to help business owners organize their follow up, and nurture their valued clients. Indeed ‘The Fortune is in the Follow Up!’

Michelle Panzlaff

Tidy Tiger Solutions

Thank YOU Michelle for loving Fiitfu and for taking the time to send the testimonial!  Be sure to sign up for Michelle's newsletter, you will get all kinds of ideas from it!

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