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297 - Keep the Momentum Going

Tonight I saw this post on Facebook by Mike Klingler and I thought it was fitting for our last two days of blog entry on Imagination, vision and dreams… keep the momentum going!

Inside everyone, there is awesome, jaw-dropping potential to do BIG things. The kinds of things that get noticed because everyone knows, and is inspired, by the determination required to do it. No one can make you want to do this. No one need judge you if you decide to do less, to take it easy. But it's interesting that when we see people persevere to reach high and give more of themselves to an idea than they had to, we collect in large audiences in awe. And we become more hopeful that we can live our dreams. That in itself is an awesome gift. I like to encourage people to consider giving it. It's in you to give it. It's pretty cool to ponder the option.

Mike Klingler

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