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292 Days - 8 Tips on How to Delegate

Yesterday our blog we talked about being ready for holidays with more delegation...

But this is easier said than done.  When you are used to working on your own it is very normal to be hesitant in delegating.  An entrepreneur's mindset can simply be "no one can do it as good as I can, so I will do it myself"  But you have to remember to grow to a larger company, you are going to HAVE TO START DELEGATING.  No large company is a one man show, and the saying there is no I in TEAM is so try.

So here are some quick tips to start delegating and doing it right.

  1. Start believing in others ability; do this and you will see they just may rise to the occasion.
  2. Be clear and specific in your expectations on the tasks that you delegate.  Explaining the importance of them can help in those enlisted to ensure that it is done correct.
  3. Make a list of the most important things you want them to focus on... "If you could only get one thing done a day it would be this, the second would be this task"  This ensures the most important tasks are done well.
  4. Set a time line for when you would expect each task to be done.  For Example:  "This should be done daily and should take you only about one hour." 
  5. Have a trial run a few days before you leave, so if there are any questions you can answer them while still at the office.
  6. Before you leave ensure that the person you have delegated work to is confident that they can fulfill the expectations, or do they need some help?
  7. Be open to suggestions on how things could be done different, you never know you may get some great suggestions to streamline your business. 
  8. Be very generous in recognition and bring back the person doing work for you a small token of your appreciation from the place you spent your holidays! 

Delegation puts you on the right track to enjoying your holiday and to empowering others.  Who knows perhaps one or a few of the jobs you delegated can now be done by someone else all the time so you can concentrate on other projects that will bring more revenue into your business!


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