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Feng Shui Your Office for Greater Success!

Dana Smithers

We have the privilege of having Dana Smithers of PRES STAGING write for us this month, an established interior decorator, home stager and motivational speaker and mentor Dana has much to offer us.  As we work from home here are a few of her tips that can make us more effective and successful!  Thanks Dana for your great ideas!

Dana Smithers, Pres Staging - As a busy entrepreneur you want to create a home office environment that you LOVE to work in. Make it aesthetically pleasing and energizing to be in. As an interior decorator, redesigner and home stager I have always used the Western Feng Shui bagua to do my Vision Board and I also use it to set up my office and my desk.  It’s quite simple to follow and it gets the energy flowing harmoniously in my space.  

Take a piece of paper and draw the shape of your office with the door at the bottom of the page. Then draw  9 equal parts on the paper. The top 3 sections starting from left to right are:Wealth, Fortune & Blessings; Fame & Reputation; Love, Marriage & Partnership; the middle three rows represents Family; Health; Creativity & Children; and the bottom row is all about Self-Cultivation & Knowledge; Career and Helpers, Travel & Benefactors. Take a look at the colours each of these sections represents as well as elements. Pay particular attention to the ‘Fame & Reputation’ area and your ‘Career’. If you can incorporate the colours (red and blue) along with some of the elements like a lamp for ‘fame and reputation’ and a water fountain for ‘career’ that’s great but if not, you can  just put pictures up that represent these colours and elements.

Here are a few more tips for you to create your fantastic office:

  • My office is painted red and my furniture is black and grey. Red is a great colour for an office but not necessarily to everyone’s taste. I would suggest if your walls are a neutral colour that you bring in some bright accessories in the form of lamps, pictures, trays, etc. to get the energy flowing.
  • Whenever possible put your desk in a ‘power’ position facing the door. If you have to have your back to the door then hang a mirror in front of you so that no one can come up and surprise you or ‘stab you in the back with negative comments’.
  • At the end of the day clear your desk off or make it as neat as possible so that you leave your work in the office and don’t take it with you in your mind.  
  • Bring in some feminine accessories so that you balance your ‘yin and yang’ energy. When we work we are using mostly male energy which is action oriented so it’s a good idea to have some feminine energy around. I often bring in fresh flowers just for me, and have a few silly things on my desk so I don’t take myself too seriously.
  • The less clutter you have on your desk and in your office the more focused you will be with your work. Clutter does create stress and slows down progress.
  • When you show up in your office have a focused mindset on business. When you leave your office, leave it!  

For more details on how to create your own Vision Board using the Western Feng Shui Bagua just click on this link to my archived enewsletters.   

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