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Dancing and your business, (not dancing around your business)

Can dancing really have an effect on your business? 

It is a well-known fact that dancing can give you aerobic exercise, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, stabilizing weight control and other benefits associated with physical fitness, and overall psychological well-being.    For centuries dancing has been a part of so many cultures, and with the world becoming a smaller place we have been exposed to beautiful dances from all over the world!  And people love it!

According to the Canadian Council  for the Arts, In Canada over 1 million adults take dance lessons, and in the US  millions of people take ballroom dancing lessons, belly dancing lessons, Salsa, tango and so much more.   Hits series like” Dancing with the Stars”  and “So you think you can Dance”  are other testimonials that dance is an ingrain part of our being.  

But can you really compare your relationships with your clients and others you associate with on a daily basis to a dance like the Waltz and the Cha Cha Cha? 

Deborah Rossouw of Find Your Voice thinks so, and believes in it so much that she speaks to groups on this exact subject!  We had the privilege of listening to Deborah speak this past week, and here are a few of the analogies that we found to be very interesting and worth thinking about in our own relations:

Do you Waltz, Or do you Cha Cha Cha?

The WALTZ is a dance of Control…   during the Waltz, you look over your partners shoulders, and you never look each other in the eye.  Hmmm, not so good when dealing with clients.    If you are LEADING a Waltz, you are always in control with simple hand motions you direct your “partner” where you would like them to go.    IF you are a follower to someone else’s Waltz, you will see that FOLLOWERS GO BACKWARDS AND BLINDLY.  It looks as though the Waltz in business is not ideal for either of the partners in this dance.   Deborah asks during her speech “Who do you control, and who are you controlled by?” 

The Cha Cha Cha on the other hand is “the dance of Sole” says Deborah.  When you Cha Cha Cha you start by softly stepping to the side, (giving you time to assess a situation) then carry on with the dance.  She calls it step to the side and asses, draw your line, and then express.   A more expressive dance where you look your partner in the eye, have fun together and move in a fluent motion of give and take.   The Cha Cha Cha is more in line with “starting the way you want to finish. “

Now not to put down the Waltz of course, we at Fiitfu love all dances, and find the Waltz to be a beautiful dance to watch as well.  But we did like the analogies and thought it would be good to allow our readers to reflect to ensure they are dancing their own dance, and not someone else’s.   

Often it can be easy to meld into others agenda’s, calendars and ideas.  Turn on your own music, dance your own dance, and express who you really are…

“If I am not going to be myself, then who will be me?”  MJ Mehlenbacher


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