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Three Life Coach Tools to Keep You Focussed on Success

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Do you ever wake up in the morning and just stare at the computer not really knowing where to start?

Each morning as the founder of FIITFU, I wake with ideas on how I can improve our website for our users, how to market it, increase usage and how to give back to those that are in the wonderful world of network marketing… my mind reels, and once I am up, whether it is 4:30 am or not I HAVE to write these ideas down.  Then often I get overwhelmed with everything that I have to do, so I look at my computer, turn to the easiest thing;   yes you guessed it emails, and then at night I lie in bed not being able to fall asleep because I didn’t do what I KNOW I should have done.

I decided it was time to get a mentor, and a coach so that I could stay a bit more focussed and on target.  Working with my mentor has brought on some amazing idea sessions as well as some great “thinking outside of the box” concepts.  My Coach is a bit more structured but so effective that I wanted to share with you some of the things he has helped me with:  

  1. He challenges me
  2. He holds me accountable for what I say I am going to do
  3. He is realistic, and makes me focus on what is realistic
  4. His eyes looking in from the outside can put things into perspective
  5. He helps me focus on what is important at the moment
  6. He gives me weekly activities to move me closer to accomplishing my long term goals
  7. He is encouraging, and helps me to determine what I need to do to stay on track
  8. He acts as my sounding board for all issues at hand, including frustration and helps me re-direct that energy
  9. He has new ideas which I may not have thought of before
  10. And he has given me some fantastic tools that are invaluable and I want to share three of them with you today.


Get yourself a book, and each night write down in that book what went right today… forget about any of the negative stuff that may have happened, instead write down all the positives.  Make this both professional and personal things that went well, this will help not only your business, but as well your relationships! 

Each morning get up and the first thing you do is read what went well in your book!  Challenge yourself to do this every day for the next 30 days and see how it changes your perspective!   It is amazing how when you look back at this you can see how much good you actually do get done!


We all know that we should be writing down our TO DO list, but it is like goal setting, so few of us actually get into a daily practice of doing it!   Again, try this for 30 days and see how it changes your business and life!  Write down the most important things you need to do for the day.  START with these activities.  Forget about your emails until you need a bit of a break, or you have your most important things done.  Emails suck you into a vortex of responses and different trains of thought; they will take you OFF focus on what needs to be done.    So stick to your list until it is complete!


Reward yourself along the way.  So many of us have our eyes on the long term outcome and goals… but what about those little successes along the way?  Time to start celebrating those now!   Did you make your ten calls today to your clients?  GREAT then give yourself an hour of focussed time for you.   Perhaps you are working on a challenge with your company, if you worked towards it for 5 days in a row, then celebrate that!  Even if you don’t earn the official prize, at least you worked 5 days towards it that will of course increase your business success down the road as well.  You see it is not just making the final destination, but it is the little things you do along the way that need to be celebrated so that we feel like a success.  When you feel good about what you have done, guess what, you keep on doing it.

Here is the link to one of my favourite coaches, he has some great articles for you to read as well.

Enjoy your day, give yourself a list of all the important things that need to get done, focus on them, write them down and then celebrate tonight for everything you DID accomplish!  Here is to your success!





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