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Network Marketing CRM FIITFU offers FIIT NEWS to the List of Benfits of Utilizing the FIITFU Service

CRM’s (Customer Relationship Management Programs) are helping organizations all over the world, this new one FIITFU has a very vertical focus on their clients.  

Customer Relationship Management programs (CRM’s) offer a multitude of features to help sales organizations in their business. This new one, FITIFU which stands for FORTUNE IS IN THE FOLLOW UP has just introduced another tool for not only their members but as well any reader that wants to take advantage of tips on effectively working from home, or in the world of network marketing. 

“In my career as an Independent consultant for an MLM company, I see many people get excited about their business, start out like a race horse, then crash quickly” says founder Mary-Jane Mehlenbacher. “My goal with FIITFU was to offer people a tool to help them stay involved with their company of choice for the long run.”

When you look at FIITFU’s website, you quickly see that it was designed specifically for this industry (network marketing, direct sales and multi-level marketing.) Now FIITFU has also launched their newsletter FIIT NEWS which offers readers tips on working effectively from home including articles, videos, guest writers (this month it is a chef with ideas to cook fast meals when you are dealing with deadlines) and testimonials. FIITFU will also be offering up recorded interviews with professionals in vocations that can help entrepreneur’s on a daily basis. FIITFU will launch these interviews monthly with the likes of interior designers with tips on workable home offices, Social Media guru’s to help with tips on building a social media plan, Professional Life Coaches, Stylists and even photographers.

To see the newsletter simply visit "FIIT NEWS" or subscribe to their newsletter by emailing newsletter(at)fiitfu(dot)com with your name and email address and they will add you to their list.

You can visit FIITFU to learn more, and explore their website with FIITFU’s Free Trial 

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