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Are you Communicating or Inundating

At the beginning of 2011, I went through my annual goal setting practice for the year. I decided I needed a very clear and concise quote that would revolve around everything I do:  that quote or mantra is simply ”Clarity and Trust”.

Today I want to talk with you about Clarity.  Over the year, I’ve been thinking that I am quite focussed in my communications to make things very clear.  However the realization that I wasn’t as clear as I thought I was came when someone else broke down my message and told me “you have to determine the most important parts of your message, it is so easy to give endless information, but what are the key points you want to get across, and what are three key things about those points that make it easier for your audience to understand?  You will lose people so quickly if you just keep rambling on” 

This is where you come in:  At the beginning of my business as a Network Marketer, I was a walking time bomb of information, just waiting to explode onto anyone that would sit and listen to me… bad mistake!  I talked endlessly about the company, the products, the income potential… it was easy to see why my friends and family wouldn’t even ask me about my business for fear I would try to recruit them YET AGAIN! 

talking to much

So how do you know what to say and what not to say when you meet someone and they ask you about your business?  How about you break it down like this:

You are in a conversation, and someone asks you what you do: 

 “I’m involved in the Network Marketing Industry” 

Simple, to the point and still leaves things open for discussion, if people know the Network Marketing industry they will say “oh what company” if not they will state “ I am not quite sure what that means”  That gives you more time to break it down again. 

So when you are talking about your industry, focus on three different things, break them down to have three different points within them and then let the person you are talking to have the reins (remember we are given one mouth and two ears for a reason:

#1.  Your WHY – the burning reason, passion that you got involved in the business… let me give you a hint, it is much deeper then you want to make more money, it is in your heart, if you make more money what would you do?  Climb Kilimanjaro, help with a charity, retire your husband because he works to hard, or to be at home with your children or sick parents.   These are things that your listener will relate to and helps to create a relationship based on similar values.

#2.  Your Choice:  Why did you choose the company that you are working with?  Remember three points only!  Try to keep it less than 40 seconds to ensure you are not boring anyone!

#3. Three reasons why others are joining your team with this chosen company.  It could be social reasons, it could be you all have a similar interest, a proven track record or it could simply be you’re all working towards similar goals and it is a great support system.

Leave it to that!  The less you say but with a more powerful message, the more you are going to engage others in a conversation.  It is not about you “selling your business” it is about you informing, then creating a relationship so you can see if perhaps your business will be a fit for them or not. 

So now it is time for you to go out there and practice this Clarity!  It is a hard exercise, and one that I recommend getting help with.  Others will be honest with you and let you know what is important, and what is not…

What is your message! 

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