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Top Direct Selling Companies in the World

Global 100, the top direct selling companies in the world

Working for a network marketing company is no longer regarded as a hobby or some cute little business.  With sales in the United states to be estimated in 2009 at $28.33 Billion and world-wide sales estimated at over $114 Million with over 66 million independent direct sellers in over 100 countries it is hard not to know someone in network marketing.  However many of us still encounter people that find it hard to accept, understand or support this industry… this is why we think it is so important for you to fully understand not only your company, but as well the industry that you are involved in.   

The more you know, and can support others in this industry, the more you help to manifest this into a well-regarded industry for anyone to get involved in!   if you have people that are still unsure of your network marketing business, and don’t feel comfortable supporting you or your company then perhaps you should share this link from the Direct Selling News on the revenue that is being generated annually by the top 100 direct selling companies in the world.

Direct Selling News Global 100

These top 100 companies, as well as many new up and coming ones are great to get involved with and to make a difference in others lives.   It is an industry that creates millionaires on a DAILY basis, and one that anyone can be successful at if you work hard, and smart. 

As the President of Arbonne would say “if it is easy, it is probably sleazy” Rita Davenport. 

So don’t get caught up on how fast you can make money, and how easy it is to make money, because it won’t be easy.   But what it will allow you to do is:

  1.  Work towards creating a secondary income
  2. Create an international business from your own home office
  3. Meet new people
  4. Create big dreams and goals for yourself
  5. HELP OTHERS start living their dreams and goals.

An empowering industry, one that is focussed highly on self-motivation, self-awareness and self-improvement you are bound to take away some amazing lessons in life!

Be sure to choose a company that coincides with your interests, beliefs and values, and stay the course!  Remember, there is no shortcut to success. 

Here is a fun video to watch, helps to show that you are not alone in the feelings you may have in starting your own company!  Here is to your success!

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