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Reports boost your business

Use our detailed reporting system to pin-point key elements of your business.

You can use reports to help you run a targeted campaign or simply see the past history of a client. Get creative because there are endless possibilities within our reports section of your Fiitfu account.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your reports:

1.    Total Cost of Samples and gifts given.

This is great for your tax purposes.

2.    Total Party Sales for each client.

Discover who your ‘power’ clients are within the year. Show them how much you appreciate their business with something special. You can even work in a follow-up call to talk about booking a party in the distant future.

3.    Total sales for a client.

Discover total sales for a specific month or the year. Use this information to show your appreciation in a follow-up call. You can ask your top spenders what the admire most in your business and make sure to implement their response throughout your business.


4.    Purchases within a specific time frame.

Discover the truth – who has/ who has not made a purchase.

5.    Total sales of particular product.

Discover your best sellers and send out a promotional offer. Discover your stragglers and send out an educational campaign – all your products are good but your clients might just be confused or uncertain.

6.    Search for a client by their phone number.

From your dashboard - great if you have call display, you can enter in a number that is ringing you to be prepared for your conversation!

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