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Booking A Party Is Easy

Enjoy our first post in the ‘Fiit Tips’ series – a blog category devoted to helping you get the most out of your FIITFU account.

Plan a party with your fiitfu account & we make sure your party is a success with our step-by-step check list for pre & post event tasks.

We also track invited guests, attendees & products sold!

We basically guide you through the hosting process so that no details are forgotten. As an extra bonus we keep a live journal of your event details so you can create personal reports in the future.

fiit tip - party planning


Our party planning tool is a great to ensure that your event is the best that it can be! We make the preparation is stress free for you and help to ensure your follow-up success.

Once you register for a FIITFU account you can begin booking parties right away. Here is how:

*Make sure you create a client profile for your party host before you begin.

1. Click: Book A Party  (from your dashboard or the client profile page).

2. Add event information

·       Host name (if not populated, click find, search for client then select)

·       Description of event, for example:  Taste and Try / Business opportunity party

·       Location

·       Date of event

To keep you on task we automatically add each event to your calendar!

You will be redirected to the host client page.  Here you will see your party check list.

Our future goal is to give you/your team the ability to edit the checklist options. Currently we have taken key elements to party planning keep you on track of pre/post planning activities – we would love to hear from you.

Be sure to go through your entire pre-planning check list, and tick off all that you have done. This will take it off your calendar  

3. Add attendees

Click: Add Guests

·       If the guest is not already a client, click add new and put in the attendees information

·       You can add all your guests now, or you can come back and add more guests later, it is up to you! The great thing is all your guests will now also be added into your client database.

·       Each guest you can add the relation to your host, this is a great way to ensure you have a common ground when you do your follow up. Be sure to click on the wrench (edit key) to add in the relation to your host, perhaps it is a co-worker, friend, relative or part of a running group!

Place an order from your event and enjoy the live journal area too!

Also dont forget to follow-up - we give you reminders through the follow-up checklist.

party followup check list

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