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Fiitfu CRM Solutions is a Network Marketing CRM designed with the small business / Home Business in mind.  Fiitfu was developed originally with Network Marketing CRM needs in mind, however has since expanded its customization capabilities to help any small business or home based business.  Fiitfu gives you peace of mind knowing that no client will fall through the cracks again. Keep track of your clients meetings, notes, invoices, follow up requirements, order history, sample costs and so much more with this effective Network Marketing CRM. 


"Remember, Follow up or get Swallowed up!"

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(604) 299-2278 - Phone
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#207, 3993 Henning Drive
Burnaby, British Columbia
Canada V5C 6N5




Tamara Roberts

“I have just joined Fiitfu, but already it’s replaced my imperfect memory! Those special touches of remembering clients’ needs and birthdays help make your business special! Can’t wait to see how it goes the rest of the year!”
Studio two Photography

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Tiffany Dowhan

“I love the way this is made for people in network marketing! I wish I had this at the beginning of my business! No more forgetting about valuable clients!”
Independent Consultant & Country Singer


Megan Stacey

“As a Virtual Assistant and Client Care Specialist, I’ve used several different CRM Solutions for my clients. Fiitfu is by far the best choice for any entrepreneur who wants to follow-up with the new people they meet, while taking better care of their customer.”

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Anna Brotzel

“I am loving Fiitfu! It's taken me a while to switch over from my system to fully using Fiitfu and embracing all the bits, but now that I'm about 90% of the way there I have to say it is making a HUGE difference to me remembering to do things and staying on top of the follow up! Thank you for helping me provide the kind of customer service I would want to receive. I'm not there yet, but I'm miles ahead of where I was.”


Moira Kruger

“When I was using Fiitfu, I felt like my whole body is relaxed going through it! This is so different than other systems that I have used for as soon as I logged onto those I would get stressed out! Fiitfu is so different, I love the colours, easy navigation and the fact that I can customize to my needs! I am just so relieved to have discovered a tool that keeps my “ducks in a row” and at the same time is very easy to use :)”
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Sandra Fuentes

“Spending today working with Fiitfu entering all my clients, This software is AMAZING for any of my friends in sales, if you want more info let me know, I can send you a link!”
DIVA With A Difference


Rhinda Piche

“Thank you so much for bringing your presence to Red Deer, your creativity and passion is helping entrepreneurs all over the World . It was an honor. I love FiitFu. ♥” “FiitFu is Taking Healthy Coffee, Tea and HotChocolate to the next Level. Thank you!!”
Wise Coffee

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Dana Smithers

“Home stagers, decorators, designers, feng shui consultants - this is a FANTASTIC on-line customer relationship managing tracking system. You can easily manage and track your prospects and clients and you will be reminded EXACTLY when and what you need to follow up on. It's easy to use and very affordable. You can do a trial run so check it.”
PRES Staging Resource Centre