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Posted by Fiitfu on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Your Small and Home Based Business CRM
Fiitfu helps you keep track of your clients and ensures that you always have a plan for follow up—we move your business forward. The problem with most of us: we have client contact information but forget to record the details.

How did you meet them? Who referred you? When was the last time you talked? What did you talk about? Stop forgetting and start taking care of your clients. We’re like your own personal assistant keeping you connected and ahead of the game.

Team Savings!

Save on your monthly fees if you register as a group of 20 or more. Discover How...


We manage.

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Know your clients

Track your clients by name, birthday, employer, purchases and so much more. We remember the details & remind you when to follow up.

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Track Group & Individual Events

Record invitations, attendance & sales. Highlight individuals who show interest in your business and we’ll help you follow up.

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Manage Transactions

Track sample giveaways or make Gift Certificates. Send a personal invoice to record every purchase & build product profiles.

You grow.

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Follow-up Calendar

Get organized online. We automatically populate reminders of follow-up tasks to keep you on track!

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Achieve your goals

95% of people who write down their goals make them a reality. We display your ‘WHY’ statement so you will never forget why you started your business.

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